Sex is a Funny Word by: Cory Silverberg and Fiona Smyth
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Sex is a Funny Word by: Cory Silverberg and Fiona Smyth

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A comic book for kids that includes children and families of all makeups, orientations, and gender identities, Sex Is a Funny Word is an essential resource about bodies, gender, and sexuality for children ages 8 to 10 as well as their parents and caregivers.

Much more than the "facts of life" or “the birds and the bees," Sex Is a Funny Word opens up conversations between young people and their caregivers in a way that allows adults to convey their values and beliefs while providing information about boundaries, safety, and joy.

Sex Is a Funny Word is the first sex education book for this age group that is inclusive of lesbian, gay, and bisexual experience as well as gender creative and gender-nonconforming children.  The book is also inclusive of trans and intersex bodies and lived experience.

Topics covered include:

  • What is sex?

  • Privacy, safety, and respect

  • Boundaries regarding nudity, talking about sex, and touch

  • Sex assigned at birthsex, gender identity, and gender roles

  • Names and functions of body parts

  • Talking about the word “sexy”

  • Protecting yourself against unwanted sexual touch and abuse

  • Crushes, love, and sexy feelings

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