Heartshake Studios is the creative studio of Colorado artist, Kit Hutchinson. For more information about the Heartshake Studios brick and mortar stores, please see the "visit" page here!


Kit Hutchinson is the artist, maker, and curator behind Heartshake Studios. They are proudly queer and nonbinary and use they/them pronouns. Kit grew up near Portland, Oregon where they developed a love of nature and a taste for quirky style. After graduating from Bard College with a degree in Studio Art and French Studies in 2010, Kit taught art for a few years before deciding to focus on selling their own art and working in the creative small retail industry. Kit is constantly inspired by the creations of other artists and loves sourcing unique products to bring together.

In 2018, Kit moved to beautiful Colorado Springs, CO, where they fulfilled their dream of opening their own brick and mortar store. The Heartshake Studios flagship shop features a curated selection of gifts and home decor, as well as Kit's own art, handcrafted goods, and vintage wares. Kit's studio is in the back of the shop, so they can continue to create new work and sell it all in one place! In 2022, Kit expanded Heartshake's retail offerings with a second store in Old Colorado City called Little Heartshake. Read more about both stores here!

Kit's work is inspired by the colors, flora, and fauna of the Southwest. A few of their favorite things are flowering cacti, tropical houseplants, the human form, foxes, pink sunsets over the mountains, colorful vintage handwoven textiles, and social justice. Kit mostly paints with gouache these days, though oil paint was their first love. They enjoy crafting with natural materials and have a tendency to add lots of color and metallics to everything they create. Find more info about the products Kit makes and sells here!