Hand-dipped Charcoal Incense
Hand-dipped Charcoal Incense
Heartshake Studios

Hand-dipped Charcoal Incense

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These hand-dipped charcoal incense are prepared and packaged in cute little kraft tubes right in a home-based studio. The incense fragrances that have been chosen create a metamorphic ambiance to any space.

Enhance your mood and create a symbolic bridge for healing by connecting to the transcendent power of aromas and intention.

The aroma lasts for hours after it's burn time. Each tube has 15 incense, burn time 1 hour per stick.

Glowing Amber: Carmel+Musk+Sandalwood

Love: Musk+Amber+Sandalwood+Vanilla

Patience: Mint+Bergamot+Jasmine

Made By: Divine Purity Aurapothecary, Black woman owned!

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