Divine Feminine Coloring Journal
Heartshake Studios

Divine Feminine Coloring Journal

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Sarina mantle's new interactive coloring book combines the wisdom of the divine feminine with self-care rituals, reviving ancient knowledge to empower you in the everyday.

Featuring transformative illustrations that will take you on a journey through divine feminine states, this book explores all aspects of the maiden, mother, and wild woman archetypes. And anyone can embody these archetypes—the divine feminine encourages you to harness the feminine energy within yourself, no matter how you identify.

Sarina blends the practices of yoga, coloring, mindfulness, and meditation to produce a book intended for reflection and personal growth. What will the divine feminine teach you about your inner goddess?

Flexibound book; 8.25 x 9 13/16 inches; 128 pages.

Published by Union Square & Co

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