Smudge the Day Away Care Package
Smudge the Day Away Care Package
Heartshake Studios

Smudge the Day Away Care Package

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The whole world needs a good smudging these days, but you can send this sweet set to help a friend at least cleanse their own space! Set includes one of each:

-Cast Iron Hand Tray

-White Sage Wand OR Palo Santo Bundle (you choose!)

-A Cute Box of Monstera Leaf Matches

-Plus a tiny card!

Don't forget to add a note for your greeting card! In your cart, click "add a note to your order" then write whatever you would like in your card. We'll write it in the card for you, and we promise not to judge whatever silly or sweet things you want to say :)

Retail value for this package is $33 for Palo Santo and $31 for sage!

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