White Sage + Palo Santo + Crystal Smudge Bundle
Heartshake Studios

White Sage + Palo Santo + Crystal Smudge Bundle

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These beautiful smudge bundles are assembled at Heartshake Studios with a little bit of everything you need for a successful cleansing ceremony. Each bundle includes one white sage wand, two palo santo sticks, and one crystal stone, all tied up with a pretty piece of abstract floral fabric (exact fabric will vary).

White Sage: The smoke is used to bless, cleanse, heal and wash away negative influence from the person, place or object it is directed at and around. It is a wonderful way to start your sacred ceremony. Can be lit directly or burned on a charcoal tablet. Each bundle is about 5" long. String color and shape of bundle may vary from image, and bundles are now an inch longer and thicker than shown in the image!

Palo Santo (Holy Wood): beautifully fragrant powerful wood used for centuries by the Incas and the native people of the Andes. Palo Santo trees must die and fall naturally. It then takes 4 to 10 years before they develop their scent and healing properties. Used for healing, energetic cleansing, keeping your energy grounded and clear and much more. The wood can be lit directly or burned on a charcoal tablet. Each stick is about 4" long

Crystal options include: Selenite (cleansing + clearing + moon magic), Quartz (transformation + clarity + healing), Citrine (energy + abundance + luck + creativity), Amethyst (transformation + protection + addiction release), and Aragonite (change + embracing the unknown + grounding)

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