Soy Candle - Roam + Wander
Soy Candle - Roam + Wander
Soy Candle - Roam + Wander
Soy Candle - Roam + Wander
Heartshake Studios

Soy Candle - Roam + Wander

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Hand poured in Colorado Springs, our Soy Candle has no additives, no blends, pure 100% soy wax. Featuring a minimal and modern style with a warm amber toned glass jar, black metal lid with white trim, and a simple attractive label. Highly concentrated for your home. 

9 Oz
100% Soy Wax candle
40 - 50 hr burn time
Premium candle fragrances that are Phthalate free

Cotton wick, no lead or metal

Glacier: A scent made for the adventurous hiker. For those seeking wilderness and solitude. Relive the days of alpine meadows and rugged mountains. CITRUS + SPRUCE + MINT

Alpine Lavender: Life at higher elevation brings home scents of crisp woods, firs, and spruces complemented by subtle floral lavender notes. LAVENDER + FIR

Adventure: An energizing fragrance made for every adventure. With sugared citrus and bright notes of tropical fruits. Highly concentrated for your home. TROPICAL + FOLIAGE + DRIFTWOOD

Wilderness: Like a walk in the woods surrounded by nature. SPRUCE + SANDALWOOD + SUEDE

Canyon: We've caught the essence of what every layer, path and cliff should smell like. Hints of tobacco leaf, orange, and notes of caramelized sugar. Warm tones of oak and patchouli create dimension for our fragrance blend.

Awake: Awake after a crisp night to the smell and essence of the forest, surrounded by spruce and pine. A warm, deep scent. Scented with Spruce, clove and cinnamon with hints of orange peel, pine, and an infusion of cypress and moss.

Evergreen: With mild citrus notes and earthy undercurrents, our woodsy Evergreen scent brings that cozy comfort of what is winter. PINE + FIR

Revive: Coffee, coffee, and more coffee with just a touch of vanilla. Very strong scent!

Snowfall: Base of evergreen and pine with top notes of red currant, clove, orange, and cinnamon.

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