Solar System Garland
Solar System Garland
Heartshake Studios

Solar System Garland

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Talk about out of this world fun! This little garland has us over the moon. Strung on simple cotton cord, this garland features the sun, all eight planets in order with the moon orbiting around earth, and a star at the end. Great for kids rooms, windows and walls! Great for kids rooms, windows and walls Made with sustainably harvested eco-paper from Nepal. Fair Trade.

About 5 ft long.

Our eco-paper garlands are made with sustainably harvested Lokta paper made from the bark of the Daphne shrub that grows at elevations of 5,000 to 16,000 above sea level in remote areas of the Himalaya in Nepal. The raw fiber is hand-gathered by local villagers from sanctioned forests. The bark is soaked and boiled to soften, then ground into a watery pulp. This solution is mixed with water and sieved onto screens to create individual sheets of paper that dry in the sun. Natural and azo-free synthetic dyes are used to color the paper which can then be printed using typical silk-screen methods. Through this long and laborious process lokta-based craft products offer rural Nepalese people, often women, a much-valued source of income to provide for the needs of their families and communities. 

Made Fair Trade by dZi Handmade!

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