Parallel Waves Leather Earrings
Heartshake Studios

Parallel Waves Leather Earrings

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Statement earrings made from reclaimed leather with wavy parallel lines hanging from brass amoeba shapes. Emerald green and aqua or all black. These earrings dangle beautifully and have great movement!

Just over 3" long.

Note: the aqua is a touch darker in this batch than the photo.


• Made from lightweight leather, salvaged from second hand clothing
• Ear Hooks are 14K Gold-Plated Brass
• Each piece is lovingly assembled by hand, from start to finish.
• All of our pieces are crafted in our studio in beautiful Vancouver, Canada.

• We're passionate about sustainability. By using recycled leather (salvaged from scraps and second-hand clothing) we are celebrating materials that would otherwise end up in the trash.

Made by Scandinazn!

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