Fern Stained Glass Hand - Cedar & Spruce
Heartshake Studios

Fern Stained Glass Hand - Cedar & Spruce

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Made by Cedar & Spruce:

Here’s a design very close to my heart and made with extreme care. It is a very simple design showcasing flowers or ferns in the palm of a hand, symbolizing the importance of nature our lives. 

I use repurposed glass, copper foil, flux, lead -tin solder, and black patina to create these pieces. 

These measure about 3” wide and 6” tall. 

Each piece is unique so the flowers/ferns may not appear exactly as in the photo.

I also want to make note that these pressed ferns and flowers are entirely natural and contain no dyes to maintain color, that being said over time the plants will fade slightly. I recommend hanging these pieces against walls or in windows that do not receive direct, bright light to preserve the color of the plants as long as possible! 

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