2oz Wood Wick Soy Travel Candle - Sugar and Grace Co.
2oz Wood Wick Soy Travel Candle - Sugar and Grace Co.
2oz Wood Wick Soy Travel Candle - Sugar and Grace Co.
2oz Wood Wick Soy Travel Candle - Sugar and Grace Co.
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2oz Wood Wick Soy Travel Candle - Sugar and Grace Co.

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All of our candles are made with safe, non-toxic, and natural ingredients. The wooden wicks will crackle when lit. Each travel candle is 2 oz of pure soy wax and is hand poured in a sweet little gold tin. Since they are all made out of natural soy wax, they have a slower burn time than most commercial candles. All the candles have an attractive minimal label as shown, except the "Shades of Beauty" candle, which has a beautiful abstract illustration of a face.

Made in Virginia by Sugar and Grace Co, a Black woman owned business!

Scent Profiles:

Between the Sheets:  Ignite that passion with enticing notes of jasmine to wrap yourself in sweet allure. Then let the patchouli wrap you in alluring warmth. Let sandalwood and amber amplify your sexy affections.

Men Need Self Care Too: This candle is a reminder that men need their time just as much as we do! Rich and earthy with notes of tonka, leather, and tobacco. 

My Boyfriend's Shirt: Strike that match and be surrounded by desire, cozy comfort, and captivating embrace with My Boyfriend’s Shirt. Let the bright scent of grapefruit, and relaxing lavender energize your emotions while wrapping you up in calming relief, while amber and Tonka add warmth and romance.

Shades of Beauty (Face): Shades of Beauty was created to remind you that no matter the shade of your skin YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, and when you look at yourself and the candle please let it be a reminder. This candle is loaded with complexity, as we often can be. With notes of Patchouli, Cedarwood, Chestnut, Mandarin, Vanilla, Oud, Musk.

Still I Rise: This candle smells of new beginnings, inspired by Maya Angelou. Something we are all hoping for, with notes of eucalyptus, sea salt and patchouli. 

Strength of a Woman: Here’s to that beautiful strength! Celebrate yourself with a floral perfume scent. Rock your life with notes of sandalwood, jasmine, peach, and bergamot. More than your run of the mill candle...this is a feast for the senses, just like the strength of a woman.

This is My Self Care Candle: Just a reminder for everyone to take a moment for self care. The pampering notes of rosewater will wrap you in indulgence, as the melon bring a fresh, cleansing breath of fresh air to your home. Top that off with relaxing notes of lavender and earthy vetiver, for a true experience of much needed self indulgence.

Working on My Zen: The calming effects of cedarwood and the cleansing power of sage will help you get centered while the stress melts away. Palo Santo, with its lemon, mint, and pine notes, will release your anxiety and brighten your inner being. The bright orange notes lift and cleanse the soul, while reinvigorating your body.

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