2022 Lunar Calander
2022 Lunar Calander
Heartshake Studios

2022 Lunar Calander

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This year, we are honored to have collaborated with Mellisa Koby, Jamaican born, Tampa based artist who uses a combination of watercolor painting and digital illustration. Her art is a direct reflection of her feelings and her path of self healing. Her current work is inspired by her need to process our climate and addresses themes of social justice, while celebrating people of color and the tranquility that comes from beautiful landscapes.

Our yearly lunar calendar is the perfect color-coded resource to guide your Moon Bath rituals — showing which moon phase corresponds with each of Moon Bath's Botanical Bath Teas or the rituals outlined in our book. Enjoy this beautiful piece of art in your own home or gift to someone you love.

7"x24". Consciously printed on 100% post consumer waste paper.

By Moon Bath in Boulder, Co!


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