2/27/2020 - Attune to the Moon Workshop
2/27/2020 - Attune to the Moon Workshop
Heartshake Studios

2/27/2020 - Attune to the Moon Workshop

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Join us to learn about the cycles of the moon and how to connect with their unique energies! 

Thursday, February 27th, 2020 - 7-9pm

Attune to the Moon - The energy of the moon signifies birth, death, reincarnation, wisdom, and intuition. The moon represents our deepest emotional needs, in understanding and attuning to the moon’s energy we create deeper understanding and connection to ourselves. The moon affects the tides and the movement of water on the Earth. Since we as humans are made up of 70% water it is natural that the moon has a potent effect on our energy. The moon moves through distinct phases each month. As we become more attuned to the moon's cycles, we can harness her energy to live in greater alignment with our divine nature. In this workshop you'll learn about the phases of the moon, how to honor its cycles, and moon rituals for manifestation, intention setting, and cultivating more flow and ease in your everyday life.

Instructor: Nina Petruzzo is an Occupational Therapist, Yoga Teacher, and Women's Embodiment Coach. Nina is passionate about helping others awaken to their own inner healer, creating deeper alignment within the self through the practices of yoga, astrology, and embodiment. Nina's core values are connection, compassion, and nature. Her mission is to bring people together in community to support connection, inspiration, and empowerment in all areas of our lives. She leads moon circles, yoga workshops, and female entrepreneurial events around Colorado Springs.
Space is limited. Advance ticket price is $25 and day of cost will be $30, so reserve your spot now!

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