Sage / Palo Santo Bundles with Crystals
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Sage / Palo Santo Bundles with Crystals

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Bundle includes one white sage wand, one stick of palo santo, and one small crystal.

Sage smoke is used to bless, cleanse, heal, and wash away negative influence from the person, place or object it is directed at and around. It is a wonderful way to start your sacred ceremony.

Palo Santo (Holy Wood) is beautifully fragrant powerful wood used for centuries by the Incas and the native people of the Andes. Palo Santo trees must die and fall naturally. It then takes 4 to 10 years before they develop their scent and healing properties. Used for healing, energetic cleansing, keeping your energy grounded and clear and much more. 

Use the crystal in myriad ways to heal, cleanse, protect, and set intentions for your space and yourself.

Amethyst: spiritual growth and healing

Blue Kyanite: clear communication

Black Tourmaline: protection

Citrine: abundance, luck, and creativity

Quartz: transformation and clarity

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