Soy Candle Roam + Wander Co.
Soy Candle Roam + Wander Co.
Soy Candle Roam + Wander Co.
Soy Candle Roam + Wander Co.
Soy Candle Roam + Wander Co.
Soy Candle Roam + Wander Co.
Soy Candle Roam + Wander Co.
Soy Candle Roam + Wander Co.
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Soy Candle Roam + Wander Co.

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Hand poured in Colorado Springs by Roam + Wander Co, our soy candle has no additives, no blends, pure 100% soy wax. Minimal and modern outdoorsy style with a black tin jar, black tin lid, and a simple attractive label. Highly concentrated for your home. 

8 Oz

3.25” diameter / 2” tall

100% Soy Wax candle
40 - 50 hr burn time
Premium candle fragrances that are Phthalate free

Cotton wick, no lead or metal

Glacier: A scent made for the adventurous hiker. For those seeking wilderness and solitude. Relive the days of alpine meadows and rugged mountains. CITRUS + SPRUCE + MINT

Alpine Lavender: Life at higher elevation brings home scents of crisp woods, firs, and spruces complemented by subtle floral lavender notes. LAVENDER + FIR

Adventure: An energizing fragrance made for every adventure. With sugared citrus and bright notes of tropical fruits. TROPICAL + FOLIAGE + DRIFTWOOD

Wilderness: Like a walk in the woods surrounded by nature. SPRUCE + SANDALWOOD + SUEDE

Summit: Hike through a national forest and you will know this scent. It's an all encompassing ambiance of fir, pine, and woods, truly like no other experience. BIRCH + FIR

Nomad: Nomad was born from travels through the west. JUNIPER + AMBER + PALO SANTO 

Bloom: All the spring/summer vibes. With vibrant notes of citrus blossoms and refreshing mint and ginger tones this scent is sure to bring the summer indoors. CITRUS BLOSSOMS + MINT + GINGER 

Fjord: Inspired by rugged wilderness, cascades, and crisp waters. Fjord features hints of eucalyptus with woodsy notes of blue spruce. EUCALYPTUS + SPRUCE

Autumn Hike: Clove layered with apple, and cedar bring you to full Autumn effect. CINNAMON CLOVE + CEDAR

Snowfall: A complex holiday scent with cinnamon and clove blended with peppermint, and evergreen. EVERGREEN + SPICES

Foliage: a lush leafy scent with roasted pine cone, oakmoss, fern, and lilly.

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